Will Anna have to pay for past sins? Find out in this week’s General Hospital spoilers and news!

This week on General Hospital, Anna’s past comes back to haunt her, and Trina’s paternity test results are in! In this edition of General Hospital spoilers and news, we preview what happens in Port Charles the week of May 29, 2023, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Promo & Sneak Peak:

Promo Recap: I Leave You the Truth
Port Charles residents gather for the reading of Victor’s will. Curtis is eager for the paternity results when they come in. Victor says that he leaves them the truth. Spencer and Trina open a box.

GH Sneak Video: Nina and Olivia Speculate About the Insider Trading Case
Olivia and Nina speculate about what’s going to happen with the insider trading case involving Sonny, Carly, and Drew. During their conversation, Nina wonders aloud if Carly and Drew might turn on each other.

You can watch the GH Sneak Video here.

General HospitalIn-Depth Spoilers:

Anna Gets Arrested
Anna is feeling pretty good about helping save the world by helping to bring down Victor Cassadine. She gets invited to his will reading, which is largely uneventful, but Victor throws out a warning from beyond the grave – the truth will come out. She feels that references her days as a double agent for the DVX but doesn’t put much stock in it. As far as Anna’s concerned that is the past and the WSB knew about it and let it go. She realizes how wrong she is when she is approached by agents looking to apprehend her while she is chatting with Sonny and Nina after the will reading. She wants to know what she is being charged with, but the agent refuses to tell her until she gets to where she will be held. Anna doesn’t want to cause a commotion, so she goes with them reluctantly. Finola Hughes, who plays Anna, promises that the story takes an interesting turn after that!

Curtis Moves Home
Curtis moves back into the home he shares with Portia because he wants to work on his marriage with her, but he moves into the guest room. Things are awkward but Portia is determined to do whatever it takes to fix things. She lets him know that the ball is in his court and that she is there for him but will follow his lead and won’t push. Curtis hasn’t told her about his kiss with Jordan, so Portia doesn’t even realize that there is another secret looming over them, this time his. As soon as he comes home, they get the call that Trina’s paternity test results are in so their focus shifts to the well-being of the daughter they may, or may not, share.

General Hospital Daily Spoilers:

No New Episode

Laura hosts an important event; Sonny and Carly confer in private; Nina slips info to Oliva; Drew visits with Sam and Scout; and Diane has an agenda.

Josslyn presses Carly; Gregory is contrite; Marshall assures Stella; Anna gets a bad feeling; and Laura develops a theory.

Anna is in the hot seat; Valentin surprises Laura; Austin and Ava are interrupted; Jordan hides her disappointment; and Trina and Joss conspire.

Ava is gobsmacked; Ned gets into a public clash; Dante cautions Sonny; Curtis puts his cards on the table; and Michael makes an offer to Carly.

General Hospital Casting News:

Alan Brooks as Mr. Brown.
Jeff Griggs as Agent Hursley.
Gavin Houston as Zeke Robinson.
Charles Shaughnessy as Victor Cassadine.

General Hospital Preview Week of June 5, 2023:

Brook Lynn and Chase celebrate.
Kevin is supportive of Laura.
Drew consults with his attorney.
Dante is concerned.
Chase is caught off-guard.

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