This week on Days of Our Lives, Deidre Hall celebrates her 5000th episode, Josh Flagg drops in, and Nicole has a baby on board!  Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of May 8th, 2023, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: 5000 Isn’t Such a Crazy Number After All

Anna encourages Nicole to confide in her, so she does, telling Anna that she’s pregnant and she doesn’t know if Eric or EJ is the father. Josh Flagg is there to do business with Alex and Stephanie. Deidre Hall’s 5000th episode is celebrated.

Nicole Finds Out She’s Pregnant

As Nicole is reeling from the news that she’s pregnant, EJ shows up at the hospital and tells her that he knows she slept with Eric. He’s very understanding because they were drugged. She’s so surprised by what she just found out and how forgiving EJ is being that she lies to him about why she’s there and keeps her baby secret while she figures out what to do about determining paternity. She does tell Anna the truth though, while EJ tells Tony about her sleeping with Eric while drugged.

Talia Does What Colin Wants

Colin is thrilled to hear from Talia that her date with Chanel went well. Jada overhears them talking about Paulina and has even more questions about her sister, but Talia covers. Colin tells Talia that he wants Pauline to have more panic attacks but promises her that he doesn’t actually want to hurt her, just keep her and Chanel distracted from what else is going on. Jada knocks on Colin’s door but she’s not there for him, she’s there to find out more about her sister.

Daily Breakdowns:

Nicole reels from Kayla’s stunning news.
EJ reveals to Nicole he knows she slept with Eric. 
Kate’s captor is revealed.
Gabi and Stefan scheme behind EJ and Nicole’s backs.

Jada gets intriguing information about Talia from Chloe and Xander.
Colin is pleased to learn Talia is making progress with Chanel, so he turns his focus towards Paulina.
Tripp urges Wendy to stay in Seattle with him.
Johnny opens up to Chanel, worried Wendy has chosen Tripp.

Nicole confides her latest secret to Anna.
Sloan defends herself against Paulina’s newest accusation.
Jada grills Colin about his sister.
Talia tries to convince Chanel she’s truly interested in her.

Talia makes a confession to Jada.
Sloan confronts Colin about his revenge plot.
Eric expresses concern for Nicole when he overhears her call with the hospital.
Stefan and Gabi take delight in toying with EJ.

Harris, Steve, and Chad get intel on Kate’s possible location and make a plan to rescue her.
Maggie comforts Roman, who’s worried about Bo and Kate. Alex and Stephanie meet with Yuri, the owner of a tech company, with the goal of getting him to sign with Titan.
In honor of Deidre Hall’s 5000th episode, John takes Marlena out to celebrate her long career.

Casting News:


Josh Flagg as Yuri.
Peter Porte as Dimitri von Leuschner.

Preview Week of MAY 15th:

Shawn is consumed with guilt over shooting Bo.
Kristen presses Megan about the plan to gain their freedom. 
Talia tells Colin she wants to call off their plan.
Rafe and Jada have a startling realization about Colin.  
Stefan asks Gabi to marry him!

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