Will a tragic history be repeated? Find out in this week’s Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News!

This week on Days of Our Lives, Megan returns home to reclaim her birthright and two people go flying off the roof!  Megan returns home to reclaim her birthright and two people go flying off the roof!  In this edition of Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News, we preview what happens in Salem the week of May 22, 2023, on Peacock’s  Days of Our Lives:

Days of Our Lives Spoilers and News!

Promo Recap: Drop the Gun!
John tells Paul that Andrew has been kidnapped. Andrew fights back against his captors. Megan arrives at the DiMera mansion. Things come to a head on the rooftop.

Talia Puts the Pieces Together
Talia comes to the startling realization that she was wrong about Colin and the danger he poses. She and Jada are talking in Colin’s hotel room and trying to figure out where he took Paulina when Talia sees the photo album and knows he took her to the roof. She realizes that he intends to recreate his mother’s death, only this time it will be Paulina who dies.

On the roof, Chanel is trying to talk Colin out of killing her mother by telling him what actually happened with her and his parents, but it only makes him angrier. Talia and Jada get to the roof and Talia tries to talk him down by promising him they can run away and be happy together, but he can’t be swayed. Talia is faced with choosing between her old love and her new one!

EJ asks Nicole to Marry Him
Nicole is not happy when EJ proposes to her simply to try and upstage Gabi and Stefan’s engagement. She turns him down but doesn’t realize that EJ actually does love her and wants to marry her. Further complicating matters for Nicole is her pregnancy and the questions she has about who the father is.

Daily Days of Our Lives Spoilers:

Jada grills Sloan about her possible involvement in Colin’s schemes.
Eric gives Sloan an ultimatum.
Rafe finds Abe in bad shape.
Colin is intent on making Paulina suffer.
Nicole is insulted when EJ proposes.

Chanel is beside herself after Talia intervenes to save her from Colin.
Rafe is forced to deliver some tough news to Jada.
Paulina rushes to be by Abe’s side.
Wendy speaks with Johnny about her feelings for him and Tripp.
Gabi brings signed divorce papers to Li.

John arrives in San Francisco to tell Paul about Andrew’s kidnapping.
Steve and Harris learn why Dimitri is requesting immunity for Megan.
Kristen reminds Megan that she promised to free her.
With Roman by her side, Kate reunites with Marlena.

Marlena and Brady are disturbed to learn that Kristen has been released from prison.
Kate and Roman have a similar reaction to Megan’s presence in Salem.
Harris warns Shawn that Megan is free.
Xander offers Chloe a job. 

Gabi and Stefan celebrate impending nuptials.
Anna lies to Tony about Nicole’s secret.
Nicole asks Kayla about a paternity test.
EJ is surprised to find Megan in his home. 

Casting News:

Sarah Haruko as Dr. Hubbard.
Noah Huntley as Lord Alamain.
Christopher Sean as Paul.

Preview Week of May 29:

Sloan and Eric get closer.
Leo and Johnny have a run-in.
Stefan and Gabi try to get closer to Megan.
Gwen and Xander butt heads.

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