This week on The Young and the Restless, Victoria and Nate are off to LA…and so is Elena! Here’s a preview of what happens in Genoa City the week of May 1st,2023, on CBS’s The Young and The Restless:

The Young and the Restless Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Caught!

Nate and Victoria share a meal and then passion in LA! Elena tells Audra that Nate told her he was going to LA alone and Audra tells her that he went with Victoria. Elena goes to LA and confronts them, demanding to know what’s going on between them.

Nick Finds Out What Victor Did

Sally is angry about Victor trying to bribe her to give Adam their daughter and leave town after she delivers her. Nick comes home and can tell that she’s upset. He pushes her to tell him and when she finally does, he is furious with his father. She begs him not to and he agrees, for now. Sally doesn’t want things to get worse between Adam and Nick or with their father and Nick agrees with her on that. He tells Sally to rest while he goes to run an errand. She knows what he intends to do and tries to stop him.

Elena Makes Contact with J.T.

Audra finds J.T. and gives his number to Elena. She’s desperate to drive a wedge between Nate and Victoria so she video chats him and invites him to come on her podcast to discuss the brain tumor that caused him to act out destructively. J.T. assumes that Victoria already gave her ok for the interview and Elena lets him believe that. She wants him to come to Genoa City for the interview and now J.T. has a decision to make!

Daily Previews:

Ashley and Billy do damage control against Diane.
Victoria and Nate mix business with pleasure.
Michael crosses the line to help a client. 

Victor gives Sally an ultimatum.
Summer struggles with keeping secrets from Kyle.
Elena connects with J.T. Hellstrom. 

Jack shares shocking news with Diane.
Devon and Lily take on a new endeavor.
Summer comes clean with Daniel. 

Victoria and Nate receive a reality check.
Diane looks forward to a second chance.
Tucker works to regain Devon’s trust. 

Victor and Nikki join Devon and Lily to honor Neil’s memory.
Abby questions Ashley about Tucker.
A surprise visitor returns to Genoa City.

Casting News:


Chene Lawson as Yolanda “Harmony” Hamilton.
Thad Luckinbill as J.T. Hellstrom.


James Hyde as Jeremy Stark.

Preview Week of May 8th:

Victor refuses to back down.
Ashley comes clean.
Elena takes action.
Adam lends a listening ear to Chelsea.