This week on The Young and the Restless, Jack pops the question, but Diane may not have the answer he’s looking for! Here’s a preview of what happens in Genoa City the week of March 6th, 2023, on CBS’s The Young and The Restless:

The Young and the Restless Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Would You Do Me The Honor Of Becoming My Wife?

Jack gets down on one knee and asks Diane to marry him. She says nothing would make her happier…but she can’t.

Devon And Victoria Face Off

Devon weighs taking Tucker’s offer to buy McCall Unlimited but is wondering if there’s a catch. His father claims he wants to sell it to him so they can be a family and continue the legacy but when Victoria tells him that Tucker offered it to Newman and then backed out, his doubts multiply. Victoria wants him to let Newman buy the company which leads him to believe there is a hidden reason she wants it and makes him determined to find out what it is.

Will Phyllis Out Diane?

When Jeremy gets back from Europe, he wants to find Diane but she is hiding in the Abbott cabin with Jack. He asks Phyllis to help him find her and she is so blinded by her hatred of Diane that she agrees. She finds out that Kyle had a delivery sent to the cabin so she calls the landline and when Diane answers she hangs up before saying anything. Her suspicions are confirmed but Diane thinks it was Jeremy calling and is scared that he has found her. Phyllis texts Jeremy that she found Diane, but will she actually tell him the location?

Daily Previews:

Phyllis makes a dangerous decision. Nick gives Adam a reality check.

Summer confronts Nick about Sally’s pregnancy. Sharon gives Billy a warning about Chelsea.

Victor strikes a deal. Daniel reveals a secret. Devon questions Tucker’s sincerity.

Ashley and Bill share a difference of opinion. Chelsea takes on a new project.

Nikki makes a shocking announcement. Summer strategizes against Sally.

Preview Week of March 13th:
Phyllis sets a trap.
Nate creates boundaries with Victoria.
Victor strikes a deal.
Tucker retaliates against Adam.

2 responses to “Y&R Spoilers for the Week of March 6: A Shocking Announcement and Big Secrets”

  1. HW JG need to fix things on this show fix it Jesus come on this show do not make any sense I’m confuse we want to see Ally back together better know Adam and Sally they belong together they just fit right they know each other like no other wish they put them back together I miss them together it been months of toture of Nick and Sally honestly I don’t see how they can stay together as long as ally they wasnt popular as Adam and Sally was and still is

  2. I hope this show do the right thing most fans are sick and tired of the nally show it’s not a good show either where fans are concern Adam and Sally period nobody can’t top them they should be getting back together for the sake of their baby they do things they wrong way Nick and Sally don’t need to be together they are not exactly a love story from what I see and it’s not a good one if it is Ally were and still is a popular couple where fans is concern they belong together they just fit you try to find the missing puzzle but can’t find it you have to look hard and that when you finally found the missing puzzle piece that fit

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