This week on The Young and the Restless, prepare for one of the most memorable evenings in Genoa City’s history as the whole town, and a few former residents, come together to celebrate 50 years of Y&R! Here’s a preview of what happens in Genoa City the week of March 20th,2023, on CBS’s The Young and The Restless:

The Young and the Restless Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Everyone We Know And Love Will Be There!
Nikki and Victor are planning the party to end all parties to celebrate the bicentennial of Genoa City but Phyllis and Stark have plans of their own!

The Bicentennial Gala Commences
Y&R is celebrating its 50th anniversary onscreen with a gala ball to celebrate the bicentennial of Genoa City! Old and new faces will come together in what Executive Producer/Had Writer Josh Griffith says will be an affair to remember. The event will honor the past while also focusing on the present day and looking toward the future. He promises romance, intrigue and danger and also a tribute to a Genoa City VIP. Expect twists and turns and a whole lot of soapy drama!

Victor Advises Jill
Jill returns to Genoa City for the first hearing regarding Devon’s attempts to stop the Hamilton-Winters/Chancellor Industries merger. As soon as she gets there, Victor asks for an immediate meeting. He expresses his displeasure about the lawsuit but Jill tells him to stay out of it, her company is her to run. Victor proposes another alternative and Jill is intrigued but cautious. She knows that if Victor is getting involved then there must be something in it for him.

Daily Previews:

Nikki enlists Traci’s help with the gala.
Lily and Devon’s feud takes a shocking turn.

Victor presents Jill with an intriguing offer.
Audra pushes Elena’s buttons.

Phyllis and Stark conspire against Diane.
Jill makes a grand entrance.

Victor and Nikki host the party of the year to celebrate Genoa City’s bicentennial.

Victor and Nikki pay tribute to the past.
Leanna Love returns to her former stomping grounds.

Casting News:

Barbara Crampton as Leanna Love.

Preview Week of March 27th:
More former Genoa City residents discover that you can go home again.
Abby has no choice but to defend herself.
Phyllis handles things herself.
Devon asks Amanda to forgive him.

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