This week on The Young and the Restless, paternity tests and proposals! Here’s a preview of what happens in Genoa City the week of February 20th,2023, on CBS’s The Young and The Restless:

The Young and the Restless Spoilers!

Promo Recap: The Paternity Results Are In!
Sally tells Nick the results are in and he promises to be there for her no matter what. Sally tells them she never wanted to be caught between two brothers. Adam declares his love and proposes!

Sally’s Baby Daddy Revealed!

Nick runs into Sally at Society as she is finishing up her meeting with Chloe. He wants to buy them both dinner but Chloe has other plans and leaves. He offers to buy Sally dinner and she accepts. She is anxious about the paternity results but he tries to calm her down and reminds her it is too early for them to be in yet. They have dinner and discuss her upcoming meeting with Jill which sets her back on edge with worry about her employment status with a baby on the way. When Adam shows up the duo quickly leaves. Once back in Sally’s suite, Nick attempts to take her mind off of everything but she is worried about their future if he is not the father of her baby. She gets an alert telling her the results are in and now they all have to prepare for what lies ahead!

Ashley Turns The Tables
Tucker tells Ashley that someone has bought his debt and it wasn’t Newman Enterprises like he had hoped. While he is trying to find out who it was, Ashley informs him that she bought the debt. She enjoys toying with him as she keeps her plans for her new purchase a secret.

More Y&R Spoilers: 

Victor makes a power move to help Adam.
Heather gives Daniel a warning.
Devon turns to Christine for counsel.

Sally examines her relationship with Nick and Adam.

Ashley turns the tables on Tucker.
Victoria gives Audra the third degree.

Victor makes good on a promise.
Kyle seeks forgiveness from Summer.

Daniel makes a difficult decision.
Diane receives a cryptic message.

Preview Week of February 27th

Victor strikes a deal.
Ashley makes a power move.
Phyllis reaches her boiling point.
Lily experiences déjà vu with her love life.


5 responses to “Y&R Spoilers for the Week of Feb 20: Paternity Drama, A Power Move and A Difficult Decision”

  1. As long as Sally and Adam get back together before their baby is born if not we all especially Ally fans oh we going ti go to war with HW JG yes we are this is storyline is getting confusing crazy and nonsense

  2. All I know HW JG better I mean he better put Adam and Sally back together again before their baby is born do he going to have people after him why is he trying ti destroy Adam and Sally I love this couple I absolutely love this couple I have never love other couple as much as much as I love Ally not even on GH

  3. I wish the writers and HW JG would get Sally and Adam back together again come on now I want Ally

  4. I wonder how they going to put Adam and Sally together and when

  5. I hope Nick and Sally break up and I hope Adam and Sally start a family like they were suppose to be until they broke up I wanted them to become a family with their baby and Connor Connor would absolutely love to have a little sister golden boy Soren donor don’t need no more kids he got plenty of kids why add a other to his bunch

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