This week on The Young and the Restless, sparks fly, plans go off the rails and not-so-innocent blood is shed!  Here’s a preview of what happens in Genoa City the week of April 17, 2023, on CBS’s The Young and The Restless:

The Young and the Restless Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Is Phyllis in Danger?

Jack says that Stark is a murderer and there’s nothing to stop him from killing again. Stark threatens Phyllis and chases her with scissors as she screams.

Phyllis Is Threatened by Stark

After seeing her children mourn her at her memorial Phyllis has second thoughts about the plan. She talks to Stark, but he refuses to change things and tells her that he’ll kill her before letting her mess things up for him. She thinks he’s bluffing because he’s on parole, but Stark reminds her that everyone thinks she’s dead and no one would even think to look for her. She pretends to change her mind but he’s unconvinced and the pair engage in a deadly showdown! Who will survive it?

Diane Tells Jack to Move On

When Jack visits Diane in jail she tells him to move on, sure that her fate is sealed. Jack’s not ready to give up. He knows that she’s innocent and is determined to prove it. Can he prevent her from giving up on herself and on them?

Daily Previews:

Victor teaches Adam a painful lesson.
Phyllis’ plan for revenge backfires.
Jack calls in a favor with Christine.

Nikki encounters someone from her past.
Chance’s investigation takes a surprising turn.
Michael faces a moral dilemma.

Victor forces Tucker’s hand.
Sharon enlists Abby’s help.
Elena loses patience with Nate.

Victor questions Nick’s judgment about Sally.
Devon stands his ground.
Sparks fly between Daniel and Lily.

Michael pleads his case to Christine.
Friends and family gather to celebrate Teriah.
Billy and Kyle engage in a power struggle at Jabot.

Casting News:


Shemar Moore as Malcom Winters.
Mo Rocca as Milton.


Michael Damian as Danny Romalotti.

Preview Week of April 24th:

Tucker’s next move is shocking!
Nate gets a warning from Nick.
Jack gets news he wasn’t expecting.
Victor has to make a tough call.

3 thoughts on “Y&R Spoilers for the Week of April 17: Who Lives, Who Dies?”
  1. Plz Adam love sally Nick is the one who do not love her he have not say he love her she is just a play thing for Nick at least Adam do love her with real love Nick is the one who don’t love her he have not say the words yet

  2. Well all I know Sally goes back to Adam anyway base of those official photo Courtney was posing with Mark not Joshua in those photos so we know they getting back together it can’t be for nothing

  3. I hope they give us ally back they hit paydirt with them I just don’t understand what is going through these writers and JG mind even I love them I finally found a couple I love and for once it’s not on GH I hope they turn this thing around bc it’s not a good look for all three somebody got to get up out of this show

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