This week on The Young and the Restless, news spreads about Phyllis being alive! Here’s a preview of what happens in Genoa City the week of May 15th,2023, on CBS’s The Young and The Restless:

The Young and the Restless Spoilers!

Promo Recap: Bombs = Dropped
Daniel tells Chelsea that he’s waiting for bombs to explode. Jack tells Lauren that Phyllis is alive. Diane rages about Phyllis.

Will Kyle Tell the Truth?
After finding out that Phyllis is alive, Kyle wants to tell Summer and Diane immediately, but the others warn him not to. Michael and Jack think they need to stay quiet until they have proof. Diane comes in and Daniel almost tells her but doesn’t. Can Kyle keep the secret long enough for them to get the proof to exonerate his mother?

Victoria Gets a Warning from Nick
Nick interrupts Victoria and Nate making out in her office and after Nate leaves Nick warns his sister that Nate could just be using her to get ahead at Newman. Victoria refuses to believe him but could her brother be on to something?

Daily Previews:

Jack keeps a secret from Diane, Elena discuss the state of affairs with Nate, and Sally ponders an important

Victor pushes Jack’s buttons, Kyle comes clean with Diane, and Summer reminisces with Billy.

Nick warns Victoria about Nate, Lauren learns the truth about Phyllis, and Ashley lashes out at Diane.

Jack and Kyle take matters into their own hands, Sharon experiences déjà vu, and Devon starts a new chapter.

Victor teaches Nick a painful lesson, Sharon receives a mysterious gift, and Tucker tries to make amends with Abby.

Preview Week of May 22nd:

Ashley set boundaries with Tucker.
New evidence is uncovered by Chance.
Victor is worried about Vicky.

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