Things take a turn in Genoa City this May on The Young and the Restless. Here’s a preview of what’s to come according to Soap Opera Digest:

When Sharon seeks Nick’s assistance after encountering an unexpected crisis and a threat from the past, Nick will be torn between Sally and Sharon. Fortunately for Sally, Adam is ready and eager to recover his place in her life and tarnish Nick in the process.

Victor confronts Nate about his intentions for Victoria and Newman Enterprises after learning of Victoria and Nate’s affair. Nick develops growing doubts about Nate’s genuine motivations. Elena has identified J.T. Hellstrom as Victoria’s Achilles’ heel and has devised a strategy for his return to Genoa City. As their affair becomes more public, Nate and Victoria must deal with the consequences at home and at work.

Even from the “grave,” Phyllis will continue to wreak havoc on Diane. In the meantime, Jack swears to clear Diane’s name but gets into trouble when he goes too far to shield her. Despite the Abbott mansion being fully occupied this spring, there is still an opportunity for drama thanks to Tucker’s presence, which exacerbates Ashley and Jack’s escalating argument over Diane. Being housed together with Tucker will make Ashley reevaluate her feelings for him.

Victor will take matters into his own hands and make Sally an offer that she might not be able to refuse since he thinks that she will continue to harm his family. Fearing that history may repeat itself, Nikki will struggle with her own thoughts over Victoria and Nick’s choice of partners.

With Phyllis’ ‘death’ likely being the final straw for the couple, Summer and Kyle’s marriage will no longer be protected from their mothers’ conflict. In order to look into Phyllis’s death, Christine goes back to the D.A.’s office and works with Chance, which raises more questions than answers. Christine is in the unusual position of trying to bring her former opponent to justice.

Devon makes a decision that will change the course of his life as a result of his unexpected reunions with Harmony and Malcolm. To regain Devon’s trust, Tucker will have his work cut out for him. Billy and Chelsea’s romance blossoms this spring as they cautiously plan their future together. Daniel will have Lily’s backing when complications arise during the investigation into his mother’s death.

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