The Young and the Restless alum, Jason Canela (ex-Arturo Rosales) and his wife Janaina Canela are expecting their first child due in early 2023. After making the announcement a few months back, the couple had a gender reveal this weekend. In a video, the pair held on to the balloon and burst it to reveal the gender of their unborn child. His wife shared, “This is what the ultimate surprise looks like. We were so convinced that we would be welcoming a little boy into this world but God had other plans and today we all found out that I’m carrying a little half Brazilian half Cuban sweet baby girl, can’t wait to meet you baby!! #genderreveal

A few months back they revealed, “It’s official… I’ve peed on about 24 of these things and it looks like our little baby Canela will be joining the party in early 2023. We already love you so much and feel so blessed to be your parents our sweet little one. Thank you, God for this blessing!” Jason and Janaina got married in March 2020. Watch their gender reveal below!

Photo: CBS/Instagram
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