On November 4, 2022, Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson) made an appearance on The Talk. Egan talked about one of the most important storylines that she has ever done. There was also a very touching and emotional moment between Egan and Sheryl Underwood (host) who opened up about losing her husband to Suicide. There is also a sneak peek of what is to come for Chelsea next week. Watch the full interview below!

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7 thoughts on “Watch Melissa Claire Egan Talks Y&R Storyline on The Talk!”
  1. We want Adam and Sally back together Ally family back together I hope HW JG dint play us for a fool we know what we want we know exactly what we want and we Adam and Sally the Ally family back together they belong together most of everybody say the same thing

  2. Yes but HW JG make the biggest mistake breaking Adam and Sally big mistake they should have stick to fling not trying to make them something more bc it’s don’t work they don’t have no chemistry she had all a lot of that with Adam she want with Adam first Nick didn’t want nothing to do with Sally Adam stood by her while everybody turn their backs on her but no Adam he want there for her since day 1 and the only time he messed up was when he dump Sally to save her job

  3. But knowing HW JG this man probably do something to messed ally reunion up what does he have on this couple bc last time I checked somebody said that he was a big fan of theirs so did he change his mind or something did he switch team and play for the other team

  4. They need to start working on this Ally reunion bc we are so dying ready to have them back HW JG to put in a reunion or he need to start working on one nothing have been that ain’t or not true Sally belong with Adam she does the only time he messed up was when he dump her to save her job and went about the wrong way he should have talk to Sally and they could’ve come up with some kind of plan and stay together too but no that didn’t happen

  5. Heck we all want a reunion btw Adam and Sally Ally reunion so HW JG better write a reunion for them sooner or later can’t put this off he needs to write a reunion and reunite these two completely now this is how it suppose to go and be

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