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Vanessa Sears (“Suits,” “Tallboyz”), Franco Lo Presti (“Schitt’s Creek,” “Bad Blood”) and Madeleine Claude (“True North,” “Titans”) star in “14 Love Letters,” a new original premiering Sunday, July 31 (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Kallie’s (Sears) hobby farm is perfect for raising goats. Her herd of intelligent, curious
animals is about to make her lifelong dream of having a goat milk skin care line come true. Focused on her goals, Kallie doesn’t have time for love. Next door, Jackson Flynt (Lo Presti) farms a massive acreage that belonged to her family; however, he’s trying to convince Kallie to sell her land to him, too. When historic love letters mysteriously appear in Kallie’s mailbox, she’s intrigued to find out who her secret admirer might be. High on the list of suspects are Kallie’s friend and local schoolteacher and the town’s handsome veterinarian. She asks them both on dates so she can uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Jackson slowly develops feelings for her and is irritated by his front-row seat to her sleuthing and series of dates. When Kallie finds out who has
been sending her the love letters, she is hurt. But when she re-reads the beautiful expressions of love written by poets, politicians, and men away at war, she realizes she was looking for a man who wanted her, instead of searching for the man she wanted – a man who is real and honest, and just as connected to the land as she is.

“14 Love Letters” is A Brain Power Studio production. Beth Stevenson, Nancy Yeaman
and Stan Hum are executive producers. The movie is produced by Myles Milne. Amy Force directed from a script by Jennifer Snow.

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