Tyler Perry, an American actor, director, producer, billionaire and screenwriter best known for creating and performing the role of Madea held a party to celebrate the people he work so hard with on his different shows. Perry is known for successful films and primetime dramas such as The Haves and the Have Nots, Sistas, Bruh, The Oval, Ruthless, All the Queen’s Men and so much more. He wrote, “On this Juneteenth I threw a party for all the incredible people that work at Tyler Perry Studios. I wanted to celebrate the accomplishment that these amazing people have all achieved. My payroll alone was 154 million dollars, and that money went to all the people in this crowd.”

The event saw performances from Fantasia, H.E.R, Demetria McKinney, Usher, Kevin Campbell and more. See the pictures and videos below!

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