Here are the notable things that happened April 1-7 in soap opera history.

April 1 ~ General Hospital premiered in 1963.

April 2 ~ As the World Turns and Edge of the Night premiered in 1956.

April 3 ~ Will and Sonny got married on Days of Our Live in 2014.

April 4 ~ Generations premiered in 1989.

April 5 ~ Sarah Joy Brown debuted as Carly Benson on General Hospital in 1996.

April 6 ~ Shawn Douglas Brady was born on Days of Our Lives in 1987.

April 7 ~ Lawrence Saint-Victor debuted as Remy Boudreau on Guiding Light in 2006.

2 thoughts on “This Week In Soap Opera History: April 1-7”
  1. Put ally back together they belong together Nick does not need more kids he have enough enough to start his own football team this show is getting ridiculous Nick and Sally don’t belong together they never did to begin with so stop the madness plz

  2. Nick and Sally should have never been anything more their relationship wasn’t special what Sally had with Adam that’s was special until they broke them up I recently became a fan I wasn’t watching young and the restless in a long time I was all about GH I didn’t even know who Adam and Sally was until I saw a video of them and I immediately fell in love with them and ever since then I become a ally lover

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