Our The Young and the Restless Weekly 10 for the week of May 7, 2023. We recap this week’s storylines, tell you about our picks for Y&R Performer and Line of the Week, share notable moments in Y&R history and YOU Caption This!

The Y&R 10 ~

1 ~ Neil’s friends and family gathered to celebrate his life and legacy. Devon announced that he is changing his last name to Winters.

2 ~ Shemar Moore reprised his role as Malcolm Winters for Neil’s celebration and Devon was touched when he found out Tucker had arranged for his mother to be there as well.

3 ~ Kyle and Summer learned that Diane had been freed on bail and had very different reactions to that news. Kyle decided to move him, Summer, and Harrison into the pool house to get Summer away from all the fighting and stress.

4 ~ Elena moved out of the home she shared with Nate.

5 ~ Victoria admitted her affair with Nate to her mother.

6 ~ Adam agreed to take over McCall under the conditions that he has full control and his father leaves Sally alone. Victor agreed and Adam let him know he offered Sally a job as COO. He told his father that if he tried to interfere in any way, he would have to find a new CEO.

7 ~ Sally argued with Nick and Chloe about the job at McCall. Chloe told her that if she took it, she would be taking it alone.

8 ~ Nick and Adam had a confrontation about the job offer Adam made to Sally. Nick accused his brother of doing it to get Sally back and Adam questions if Nick believes his relationship with Sally is that fragile.

9 ~ Tucker offered to help Diane go on the run.

10 ~ Daniel came clean to Jack, Michael, and Kyle about Phyllis being alive.

Line of the Week ~ 

Adam: Self-improvement can be a burden.
Ashley: How would you know?

Performer of the Week ~

Courtney Hope is our Performer of the Week for her portrayal of Sally Spectra. This week Sally had to stand up for herself and her desire to take care of her unborn child to people that she loves, and Courtney played it perfectly. Sally’s spine of steel and underlying fragility were both on display through it all and Hope’s performance deserves to be applauded.

This Week in Y&R History ~

May 7, 1990 ~ Victoria Rowell debuted as Drucilla.

May 11, 2009 ~ Paul proposed to Nikki.

May 13, 2019 ~ Mark Grossman debuted as Adam.

Caption This!

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