After returning from Europe, Jeremy is desperate to track down Diane, who is hiding out with Jack at the Abbott cabin. Stark asks Phyllis for assistance in his hunt. Without a doubt, Phyllis’ animosity toward Diane is guiding her down a perilous path. Phyllis learns that Kyle has requested a delivery to the cabin while searching for Diane. When Diane answers the phone on the landline there, Phyllis hangs up. Next, Phyllis texts Jeremy to let him know she’s located them, but will she go so far as to tell the person who wants to hurt Diane where she is? Phyllis may not know what is about to come her way if she actually does. Be sure to watch ‘Y&R’ weekdays on CBS!

One response to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Phyllis Out Diane?”

  1. Sick and tired of seeing Nick and Sally they are such a boring couple and there is absolutely no chemistry btw them whatsoever it’s time to end this storyline this storyline have been going on forever now it’s high time to end it sick to death of the same storyline they trying very hard to forced this pair on us it’s not working ok Adam is Sally true love whet Nick and Sally havre it’s not love

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