The Young and the Restless is turning it up this fall. Head Writer/Co-executive Producer, Josh Griffith preview what’s to come on the CBS daytime drama this fall in the new Soap Opera Digest magazine issue.

Coming up this fall, the animosity between Adam and Victoria continues. Victor is not happy about Adam going over to over at Jabot but Victor will have to manage the growing battle in his family. Ashley’s past will come back to haunt her. Her past will draw her back to Genoa City and keep her there for a while amidst her alliance with Phyllis and Nikki.

Nate will grow more frustrated with the lack of support from Devon. He will have conflicting suggestions as to the path to take from Imani and Elena. Nate clings to Imani’s advice more which will hear things up and could cause some issues for the family while Lily will do everything in power to keep the peace.

One Life to Live alum Trevor St. John comes to Genoa City. His character will have a lot of connections with people in Genoa City and he will shake things up. Things heat up with Nick, Sally and Adam as Nick and Sally grow much closer. Chelsea will move forward in regards to Billy in a very interesting way. Look for some problems to arise for Billy and Lily when it comes to business.

Phyllis and Diane continue to go at it but who will come out on top? Meanwhile, Kyle and Summer decide to renew their vows in Genoa City on the Abbott estate. And, Noah opens a nightclub at the Grand Phoenix with Allie by his side. Tessa and Mariah will encounter some obstacles as they try to adopt and Sharon will be involved. Finally, Abby and Chance will have some relationship issues.

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3 thoughts on “The Young and the Restless Fall Preview: Vow Renewals, Relationship Troubles and Family War!”
  1. I don’t know why these writers are doing this to Adam and Sally we cannot go through this again leave Adam and Sally alone you done broke them up one time and it was hell the part months with her and Nick we do not want to see our favorite couples get broke up again and watch her and Nick once again after we ask for them to break up no I’m not going to do I’m going right and turn my back to GH I came to get away from GH I haven’t been watching in a while so I didn’t see ally relationship on screen I recently came a fan of theirs young and the restless got my attention more than GH if they wants to keep it do something to make me stay like Ally Adam and Sally

  2. Adam belong and should be with Sally no one else Sally his baby mama her or nobody I can’t accept Adam being with nobody but Sally they belong together they just fit the chemistry is off the hook MG and CH they love you they absolutely love working together so we won’t let these writers destroy this couple they almost did if wasn’t for this pregnancy story we would’ve have lost them

  3. These writers and HW JG needs to keep Adam far away from these women he shouldn’t be getting close to nobody Sally they are the one who fit together and they belong together Adam don’t need a love interest her needs Sally that’s who Adam need sally Courtney Hope

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