A number of actors, including Lucas Adams (ex-Tripp Dalton), Marci Miller (ex-Abigail DiMera), Sal Stowers (ex-Lani Grant) and Lamon Archey (ex-Eli Grant), have all left Salem on Days of Our Lives, and now Victoria Konefal (Ciara) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) will be saying their good-byes and Head Writer Ron Carlivati explains things in the new Soap Opera Digest magazine.

This is not some mass exodus. This is nothing for people to panic about. We had some characters exiting at the same time, but it’s not connected. With some of our actors, their deals come up at the same time, because maybe they made a new deal when we came back from Covid. Yes, we do have a few characters that leave around the same time, but it is not indicative of some big crisis at the show. Some of these actors were on recurring, it was not working, it was costing the show a lot of money for scheduling, and we decided we needed to exit some people if they didn’t want to be here full-time,” Carlivati told the publication.

Carlivati concluded by stressing that these are challenging decisions for the show to make. “It really is very hard for us. So many of your favorites are still here to watch, but yes, it is always painful to lose one person, let alone a few at once. We will introduce one or two new people, which you’ll see. We’re in no way trying to replace people who go, but it does kind of open up the canvas a little bit. And like I said, we love these people, and dead, alive, in prison, whatever it might be, we never say never and the door’s always open for them to come back.”

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