Our General Hospital Weekly 10 for the week of May 7, 2023. Where we recap the week’s storylines, tell you about our picks for GH Performer and Line of the Week, share notable moments in GH history and YOU Caption This!

The GH 10 ~

1~ Victor died and Spencer lived. Spencer and Trina shared a touching reunion. Trina told Curtis, Taggert, and Portia that she wanted to get the paternity test. Spencer told Trina that he is determined to become Ace’s guardian. Portia was determined to keep Spencer and Trina apart.

2 ~ Maxie talked Sasha into doing another TV appearance for Deception, over Glady’s objections. Carly questioned if Sasha still needed the guardianship. Glady’s attended another one of Wu’s poker games on Sasha’s dime and Cody was watching.

3 ~ As soon as Drew and Liesl got back the SEC showed up to question him. Diane got him released but told him and Carly that she could only represent one of them and Drew insisted that it be Carly. Sonny tried to get Diane to let him help with Carly’s case, but she rebuffed him because they are divorced. Dante advised Carly about the case against her and Sam encouraged Nina to ask Carly to help her with Willow.

4 ~ Joss and Dex AND Drew and Carly were both happy that they could take their relationships public, and both did so at the hospital. Trina looked on unhappily as Spencer went home with Laura, Ace, and ESME!

5 ~ EVERYONE thinks Ned is the one that turned Drew and Carly in and the only one who supported him was Tracy. She also thinks he did it but thinks it was a smart business move on his part. Drew punched him and told him that he has the war he wanted. After Ned swore on Lila that he didn’t do it, Brook Lynn believed him.

6 ~ Diane walked in on Holly kissing Robert right after Robert told her he wanted to pursue a relationship with her. She told him she wasn’t going to compete with Holly and to let her know when he had decided who he wanted to be with. Holly told Felicia that she wanted another shot with Robert.

7 ~ Laura wondered what her life will look like now that there are no more Cassadines to fight.

8 ~ Sonny had a confrontation with Valentin over Pikeman and Valentin extended another offer from them. Sonny turned it down…but said he would reconsider if they changed some things.

9 ~ Chase went back to work at the PCPD and got a phone call from Tracy inviting him to lunch. He didn’t know she did it to blackmail her granddaughter into becoming her corporate spy at Deception.

10 ~ Willow asked Nina to drop her vendetta against Carly and Nina reluctantly agreed while secretly knowing it was too late. She wanted to come clean to Willow about her tip to the SEC but Ava talked her out of it. Willow asked Michael to drop his vendetta against Sonny and erase the video. He agreed to do it and told Dex that he wasn’t going to turn Sonny in. Dex felt betrayed and Michael offered to give him money to start a new life somewhere else. Later Michael went to see Sonny.

Line of the Week ~

Josslyn: I’m sort of seeing someone.
Willow: Michael and Carly sort of hinted that you were but they didn’t give me any details. I was very annoyed that they respected your privacy like that.

Performer of the Week ~

Chad Duell is our Performer of the Week for his portrayal of Michael Corinthos. Michael’s intentions are almost always good but sadly for him, he’s a Spencer, Quartermaine, Morgan, and Corinthos all rolled into one so that moral compass has met its match with his inner demons. His root ability is all due to his portrayer. Chad sells Michael’s moral struggle and deep love for his family so well. Watching him helplessly watch his wife fight cancer, wanting so desperately to take away her pain while masking his own has brought me to tears more than once and this week was a doozy. Michael made the hard decision to give his wife the only thing he could, and he made moves to drop his vendetta against Sonny. Doing so goes against every fiber of his being but this was all she asked of him, and it might be her final wish so as hard as it was, Michael did it. Through it all, Chad showed us everything Michael was feeling even when his feelings didn’t match the words he had to say to do what Willow wanted him to do. Duell delivered a beautiful, layered performance that deserves to be recognized.    

This Week in GH History ~

May 8, 2013~ Maura West debuted as Ava.

May 9, 1995 ~ Stone was diagnosed with HIV.

May 13, 1977 ~ Stuart Damon debuted as Alan.

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