Ever since her introduction, Naomi Matsuda’s Li Finnegan has been centered around her husband Jack Finnegan (Ted King) and her son Finn (Tanner Novlan) mostly. But now, she’s gotten a new scene partner, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) whom Naomi would love to see her character paired with. In the most recent Bold Live episode, Diamont and Matsuda were on hand to talk about their characters. Diamont noted, “That was obviously fortuitous timing, finding Li. Bill is obviously feeling a bit wistful with what’s happening with Katie [Heather Tom] and his son being gone and some of the challenging personal decisions he’s made in his life, so it was good timing for where Bill is in his life, to happen upon Li.”

On the subject of Li and Jack, Matsuda said, “Jack is finito; he’s out. Yeah, he was not good to Li. He does not deserve Li. Li deserves someone like Bill.” Watch the episode below!

Photo: CBS