It’s coming down to that time on The Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge and Taylor are set to head to the altar as a secret is getting ready to be revealed. Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) manipulated things so that his father would leave Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and rekindle things with his mother and it worked. His voice-changing app manipulating ways proved to be successful thus far but the walls are finally closing in and somebody’s about to catch on to what Thomas did. So, who will it be?

Brooke finally got a clue as to what caused the end of her marriage and she is determined to get to the bottom of things. Will she be the one to find out exactly what Thomas did or will it be Donna (Jennifer Gareis)? Donna got enough to clue her in on Thomas’ secret when she saw how adamant he was that Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) stop playing around with the app. Will Donna be one to catch on and expose Thomas? Then there’s Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) who will overhear a scandalous conversation next week – will it be about what Thomas did? And, will Carter blab what he overhears to Katie (Heather Tom)? There’s also Douglas himself who could make the discovery of his father’s recording on the app once he restores as Donna suggested. What about Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)? Next week, she gets angry when she learns an inconvenient truth, will it have anything to do with Thomas and his secret?

Who do you think will expose Thomas? Will he finally get his comeuppance next week on B&B?

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