Our The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly 10 for the week of May 7, 2023. Where we recap the week’s storylines, tell you about our picks for Bold Performer and Line of the Week, share notable moments in Bold history and YOU Caption This!

The Bold 10 ~

1 ~ Steffy asked Hope if she has feelings for Thomas and Hope told her that she doesn’t and asked her not to tell Liam about what she saw happening with Hope and Thomas because it was nothing. After Steffy left, Hope broke down crying because she has feeling for Thomas.

2 ~ Taylor told Liam he had nothing to worry about as far as Thomas goes. Thomas promised his father that he wouldn’t backslide where Hope was concerned.

3 ~ Hope planned a romantic evening with Liam to cover for her feelings for Thomas but couldn’t stop thinking about him. Finn tried to romance his wife, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her brother and Hope.

4 ~ RJ interrupted Thomas while he was thinking about Hope and asked him to help him convince Ridge that he isn’t a designer.

5 ~ Steffy wanted to check, again, that Hope didn’t have feelings for Thomas and Hope assured her that she didn’t but couldn’t stop thinking about Thomas.

6 ~ Taylor checked in on Thomas and he thought she was worried he had feelings for Hope. She told him how proud she was of him and confessed to watching the season finale of their favorite series without him.

7 ~ Wyatt kept teasing Liam about his issues with Thomas while they were trying to have a business meeting. Liam told his brother that he was just happy he didn’t have to worry about Hope being unfaithful to him because she is very loyal.

8 ~ Steffy and Finn were making out in her office and got interrupted by Liam and then Thomas and then Liam again.

9 ~ Steffy assured Liam, again, that he had nothing to worry about as far as Thomas’s feelings for Hope go while she secretly worried about Hope’s feelings for Thomas.

10 ~ Hope and Thomas went to meet potential buyers in San Francisco. After a successful presentation, they got stranded overnight. Thomas assured Hope that she is nothing like her mother and then they hugged and got a little too close afterward.

Line of the Week ~ 

Steffy (After getting interrupted making out with her husband for the third time that day.): Oh great, you’re back.
Liam: You know this door has a lock on it, right?
Finn: Yeah. We just keep getting sidetracked.
Liam: Gross.

Performer of the Week ~

Darin Brooks is our Performer of the Week for his portrayal of Wyatt Spencer. Brooks is just so much fun as Wyatt. Every time he’s on he’s sure to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. That’s not the type of thing that usually gets commended when it comes to soap operas, but it should be. Comedy is an important part of a genre that deals with so much drama and Brooks brings it in spades. This week was no exception when he was making a business meeting with his brother less boring by continuing to tease him about his arch nemesis Thomas. Everyone with a sibling felt this one to their core in the best way and it made us laugh.

This Week in Bold History ~

May 11, 1993 ~ Shelia and Eric got married.
May 12, 2009 ~ Don Diamont debuted as Dollar Bill.

Caption This!

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