As the truth finally came out, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) started to see the consequences of his action on The Bold and the Beautiful. He has probably damaged the relationship between himself and his father for a very long time. Before walking out to go tell Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) what happened, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) said to Thomas, “There are consequences. I’m going to talk to dad about your place in the company.” Thomas replied, “You’re taking me out of the company? What’s next, the family?” Ridge wasn’t quite done with his harsh words as he blurted out, “I gave you life! I gave you love, I gave you support, and you took it all. Is there anything else you can possibly take from me? I was so proud of you… It makes me sick to look at you.” Thomas’ eyes were full of tears to hear his father say those words, so were Ridge too harsh on Thomas? What do you think?