On Monday, July 4 Episode

Mike can’t resist Sheila’s request to help with Finn as they reflect on some of their best moments together. Paris, Carter, and Quinn have an unexpected ending to an emotional day.

On Tuesday, July 5  Episode

Steffy remembers loving memories with Finn. They share a cosmic connection as Sheila fights to save Finn’s life.

On Wednesday, July 6 Episode

Ridge and Taylor make a vow not to allow Sheila to escape justice. Finn awakes and is startled by his surroundings and situation.

On Thursday, July 7 Episode

Jack visits Taylor and Thomas hoping to get answers about Li and Finn. Sheila attempts to keep Finn calm as his memory comes flooding back.

On Friday, July 8 Episode 8805

Eric announces Donna’s return to Forrester at a summer party with friends and family. Ridge has a difficult conversation with Taylor about his return to Brooke.