Monday, July 18 – Mike turns on Sheila, arguing it’s time for her to turn herself in! Taylor throws caution to the wind and shares with Deacon her feelings about Brooke and Ridge.

Tuesday, July 19 – Finn pleads with Mike to throw Sheila under the bus and help him escape. Ridge and Brooke put the pieces of the puzzle together for Baker about Mike Guthrie.

Wednesday, July 20 – Hope provides comfort to Deacon about his trauma before gently questioning him about Sheila. Ridge grills Mike Guthrie about his relationship with Sheila Carter in the police interrogation room.

Thursday, July 21 – Bill confides in Wyatt about his current relationship status with Katie. Finn is stunned as he listens to Sheila describe what she did to Li.

Friday, July 22  Taylor and Ridge learn concerning news about Steffy’s current state of mind. Finn verbally lets loose on a distraught Sheila before pulling himself out of his hospital bed.

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