On Monday, July 11 Episode – Taylor grills Deacon for information about Sheila before spilling the tea about Ridge and Brooke. In an attempt to escape his captivity, Finn plays a trick on Sheila.

On Tuesday, July 12 Episode – Brooke and Ridge receive interesting news from Chief Deputy Baker about the Sheila case. Finn is stunned when he realizes that Sheila has a partner in crime.

On Wednesday, July 13 Episode – Quinn confronts an intimidated Donna about her affair with Eric. Finn startles Sheila when he begins to fight back.

On Thursday, July 14 Episode – Finn realizes just how twisted Sheila is when she shows him his death certificate. Sheila panics, fearing that she’s gone too far and killed Finn this time.

On Friday, July 15 Episode – Mike turns on Sheila, arguing it’s time for her to turn herself in! Taylor throws caution to the wind and shares with Deacon her feelings about Brooke and Ridge.