Monday, September 5 – Taylor gets caught up in a moment of love and connection with Ridge. Sheila becomes disgruntled when Deacon accuses her of magical thinking.

Tuesday, September 6 – Brooke and Taylor each demand that Ridge choose a side in the battle for Douglas. Quick-thinking Deacon intercepts Sheila’s brazen move towards Finn and Steffy.

Wednesday, September 7 – Liam offers his opinion of the situation when Hope is invited to a Forrester family dinner. Brooke confides in Liam that Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas are conspiring against the Logans.

Thursday, September 8 – Steffy makes it crystal clear that she supports Ridge and Taylor reuniting. Liam is stunned when Hope returns home from the Forresters without Douglas.

Friday, September 9 – The Logan sisters, Brooke, Katie, and Donna, band together to support Brooke. Brooke demands that Taylor put an end to her shenanigans regarding Ridge.

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