Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, workers from CPS show at the Forrester mansion with questions about Douglas’ well-being. Finn questions Steffy about what’s going on with her and she opens up about Brooke being an issue in front of Zende and Paris. Brooke tells Liam and Hope about her “scary” ordeal with Thomas and the knife.

Charlie shows up and tells Zende that he is needed in the cutting room. Paris leaves as well as Charlie asks about Brooke. When Charlie leaves, Steffy tells Finn that she is worried about Thomas. Ridge and Thomas are informed that the members from CPS were told that Douglas is in jeopardy with a knife. Hope agrees to have a talk with Thomas about things.

Ridge worries about who called CPS. He calls Brooke and tells her what happened before asking her if she called CPS on his son. Watch ‘B&B’ weekdays on CBS!