Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, workers from CPS show at the Forrester mansion with questions about Douglas’ well-being. Finn questions Steffy about what’s going on with her and she opens up about Brooke being an issue in front of Zende and Paris. Brooke tells Liam and Hope about her “scary” ordeal with Thomas and the knife.

Charlie shows up and tells Zende that he is needed in the cutting room. Paris leaves as well as Charlie asks about Brooke. When Charlie leaves, Steffy tells Finn that she is worried about Thomas. Ridge and Thomas are informed that the members from CPS were told that Douglas is in jeopardy with a knife. Hope agrees to have a talk with Thomas about things.

Ridge worries about who called CPS. He calls Brooke and tells her what happened before asking her if she called CPS on his son. Watch ‘B&B’ weekdays on CBS!

10 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for September 28, 2022: Ridge Questions Brooke About Calling CPS!”

  1. Young and the restless nobody like sick together nobody like Nick and Sally that couple ain’t popular as ally is Ally is popular than sick

  2. What is it going to take to end Nick and Sally for good they need to destroy this couple for real I like both characters but not together they can still be friends they just don’t go together that’s all but as far as their their relationship they need to destroy that for good keep it in the friendzone

  3. Young and the restless if mark and Courtney have broking up I hope he doesn’t not affect their storyline they are suppose to be professional if Sharon and mark can do it him and Courtney although I don’t believe they broke up they probably keep them relationship a secret

  4. All I know is that I want Adam and Sally back together mark and Courtney knows the rule when they starting dating or whatever they knew the risk when they gif involved in the first place I just hope whatever happens btw them better not affect these storylines bc they got a lot of fans loving their characters as a couple better not affect the storyline they are professional

  5. Yes like mark said there is hope for ally so I do not cafe what happen btw Mark and Courtney yes I love both but it’s not my business as long it do not affect the story I’m good they are both suppose to be professional if Sharon and Mark can do it they can too

  6. I believe Sally will walk away from Nick she seem to get closer to Adam bc she still love him the more Adam and Sally spend together the less she would pull away from Nick

  7. Young and the restless Adam doesn’t need Nick isn’t Nick already raising one of Adam children as he’s own how unfair would that he to Adam poor Adam that man never seen to have anything in his life all the good stuff just gone I feel bad for Adam yes I do bc he do not deserve this Adam is a good man and has a good heart that’s why I’m rooting for Adam life just seem not fair to him

  8. Adam deserve the world they have beaten him down for years it’s time to change that life have not be fair to him not Nick lucky butt has been fair to him as he had so many kids already I’m rooting for poor Adam can’t never seem to catch a break life throw him and another direction just when things get good I’m tired of that so is many viewers that why you see many fans rooting for him

  9. But I get the feelings the more time Adam and Sally spend together the more Sally is going to pull away from Nick she already went and sit beside Adam the moment Nick left

  10. Exactly why can’t Adam win come on now I love Adam he has a good heart and good soul why is this show is being unfair to Adam really enough is enough alright even I don’t like how this show being and treated Adam really Adam never can’t seem to win why is that

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