Monday, September 26 – During an argument with Thomas, Brooke gets scared for her safety. Nikki Newman visits Forrester Creations before completing a deal with her ex, Deacon Sharpe.

Tuesday, September 27 – Brooke causes alarm when she recounts her scary moment with Thomas to Ridge. Ridge receives unwelcome visitors at the Forrester Mansion.

Wednesday, September 28 – Hope and Brooke disagree about Thomas’s ability to parent Douglas safely. Ridge vigorously defends Thomas to authorities who are asking hard questions.

Thursday, September 29 – Taylor expresses a change of heart to Steffy. Thomas puts Ridge on blast for taking Brooke’s side in his current troubles.

Friday, September 30 – Steffy arranges for Taylor to take a trip to clear her head. Ridge calls on a friend’s favor to get the truth.

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