Monday, September 19 – Brooke sets up a surprise romantic evening to remind Ridge of their true love. Ridge makes a demand of Thomas after reiterating his love for Brooke.

Tuesday, September 20 – Deacon has a difficult day managing Sheila. Steffy puts the breaks on Brooke’s romantic night with Ridge.

Wednesday, September 21 – Brooke and Taylor do battle over Steffy’s interference in Brooke’s life. Bill describes Ridge’s reaction to finding Brooke in his arms to a stunned Wyatt and Liam.

Thursday, September 22 – Li is charmed by Dollar Bill when he asks if he may join her for lunch at Il Giardino. Hope puts Thomas on blast for helping Steffy ruin Brooke’s plans with Ridge.

Friday, September 23 – Taylor makes a substantial request of Ridge. Brooke hurls accusations against Thomas.