Monday, July 25 
– Wyatt and Liam share a brotherly bond while discussing Steffy, Hope, and Bill. In a fight for his life, Sheila subdues an enraged Finn with a hidden syringe.

Tuesday, July 26 – Ridge and Taylor jet to Monte Carlo to help Steffy through the heartbreak of losing Finn. Grieving for Li and desperate for Steffy, Finn pulls his strength to fight back against Sheila.

Wednesday, July 27 – On the plane, Taylor and Ridge share deep emotions as they rush to Steffy. Finn ups the ante, pushing Sheila’s buttons to get what he most wants, freedom.

Thursday, July 28 – Finn unleashes his unyielding fury at Sheila about Steffy. Sheila attempts to control the situation, but the damage has been done, and the jig is nearly up!

Friday, July 29 Dollar Bill delivers an unexpected and exceptional gift to an extraordinary person. Overlooking a beautiful vista in the south of France, Steffy is overcome with emotion remembering Finn.

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