Monday, August 8 – Ridge struggles with complex emotions involving Taylor and Brooke. Steffy confronts Li for all of the pain she caused in hiding the truth that Finn was alive.

Tuesday, August 9 – Steffy and Li argue about Li’s decision to keep Finn from his family. Taylor and Ridge think back to the heartfelt kiss they shared in Monaco.

Wednesday, August 10 – Steffy and Taylor share a mother-daughter moment as Taylor confesses that she and Ridge kissed. The electricity between Steffy and Finn is palpable as they passionately make love.

Thursday, August 11 – Thomas discusses the possibility of Douglas moving back in with him to Hope and Liam. Detective Sanchez gives the Forresters an essential update on Sheila’s whereabouts.

Friday, August 12 – In front of Taylor and Thomas, Steffy urges Ridge to return where he belongs, with Taylor. Deacon consoles an upset Hope giving her confidence that Douglas will remain with her.

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