Monday, August 29 – An uneasy Hope meets “the new woman” in Deacon’s life. Quinn and Carter get honest with each other during a romantic and sexy dinner for two.

Tuesday, August 30 – Steffy declares the rightful place of the Forresters to a resistant Hope. A hysterical paint fight ensues between rivals, Brooke and Taylor.

Wednesday, August 31 – Hope accuses Thomas of putting his own desires above the needs of Douglas. Taylor and Brooke each state their case to Ridge after he breaks up their mischief. 

Thursday, September 1 – Against Deacon’s desperate pleas, Sheila devises a new plan to see Finn. Liam and Brooke fear that Thomas is using his Douglas to manipulate Hope.

Friday, September 2 – Hope visits Douglas at the Forrester mansion to determine if Thomas is being truthful. Deacon attempts to maintain his composure while blocking Finn and Bill’s view of Sheila.

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