Monday, August 22 
– Brooke confronts Taylor about the kiss she shared with Ridge. Deacon’s parole officer, Jordan, arrives unannounced causing Deacon and Sheila a comedy of panic and errors.

Tuesday, August 23 – Thomas and Hope disagree about Douglas’ long-term living arrangements. Rivals Taylor and Brooke swap zings over the current situation between Thomas, Hope, and Douglas.

Wednesday, August 24 – Thomas startles Hope by abruptly ending a phone conversation about Douglas. The Forresters gather for dinner to celebrate their family.

Thursday, August 25 – Brooke admits to Hope her suspicion that Taylor is using Douglas to get to Ridge. Deacon grudgingly gives in to Sheila’s insistence that they are roommates with benefits.

Friday, August 26 – Arriving without notice, Hope is startled by what she finds at Deacon’s house. Ridge and Deacon argue about their relationships with Brooke and Hope.

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