On Monday, August 1 – Sheila muscles her way into Deacon’s place with a crazy story and a desperate request. Finn, Ridge, and Taylor search for Steffy in the beautiful principality of Monte Carlo.

On Tuesday, August 2 – Deacon is forced to make a split decision that may very well change his life. The fates and stars align allowing Steffy and Finn to find their way back into each other’s arms.

On Wednesday, August 3 – In a happy moment, Hope takes, then posts a photo of her parents that quickly goes viral. Amidst the romantic locale of Monte Carlo, Steffy and Finn celebrate their miracle, committed love for one another, and a joyous family reunion.

On Thursday, August 4 – Brooke becomes alarmed about Hope’s picture on social media. Caught up in a euphoric moment, Taylor and Ridge share a kiss.

On Friday, August 5 – After Brooke rejects his presence, Deacon explains his theory about Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke to Hope. Steffy calls out Taylor and Ridge about their new vibe since being in Monte Carlo.

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