What is Taylor up to? Find out in this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and News!

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon goes for it and Taylor’s up to something! In this edition of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news we preview what happens in Los Angeles the week of May 29, 2023, on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful:

The Bold and the Beautiful Promo:

Promo Recap: Deacon’s Feeling the Love
Taylor admits she will always love Ridge as Deacon accuses her of pushing him toward Brooke so Ridge would be free for her. Deacon tells Brooke he loves her and asks her to give him another chance.

The Bold and the Beautiful In-Depth Spoilers:

Taylor Encourages Deacon to Pursue Brooke
Taylor pushes Deacon to pursue Brooke and he is hesitant because he isn’t sure what her motives are. He tells her that he recently tried and got shot down, but she still encourages him to try again. Deacon asks if she is just trying to make a clear path for herself to reunite with Ridge, but Taylor denies it. She keeps trying and finally gets Deacon to try one more time to get Brooke to come back to him.

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Spoilers:

Hope confronts Steffy about interfering in her marriage.
Does Taylor have ulterior motives with her advice to Deacon?

Steffy protective instincts come to light.
Brooke demands that Taylor back off.

Excitement surrounds an upcoming fashion preview. 
Brooke is shocked when Taylor shows her true colors.

Deacon tests a theory.
Ridge admits something shocking.
Taylor breaks her word.

Brooke wonders what caused Deacon’s sudden change of heart.
R.J. tells Hope why he really returned to Los Angeles.
Brooke is shocked by what she witnesses.

The Bold and the Beautiful Casting News:

Dick Christie as Charlie.

The Bold and the Beautiful Preview Week of June 5, 2023:

Ridge comes clean.
Hope finds out what Taylor has done.
Taylor tries to deflect.
Liam has to trust his gut.
Wyatt shows a different point of view.

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