Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas and Brooke continue to hash things out. Ridge and Taylor are together as she remembers the kiss on Monaco. She thinks that they will be together if they are meant to be. At the Forrester office, Eric introduces Steffy and Hope to Nikki Newman who pays them a visit to collect the dress they designed for Summer Newman Abbott’s vow renewal. Sheila is busy watching her stories as Deacon wonders how much more can he take.

Taylor shows up at the Forrester Mansion and sees Thomas who tells her about Brooke’s visit. Elsewhere, Ridge and Brooke share a kiss. She asks him about his meeting with Nikki and he tells her that his dad is handling it. She tells him about going to visit Thomas and Douglas.

Deacon leaves Sheila to go to work. Nikki at FC, tells Steffy that she would love to meet Finn, In the absence of Hope and Steffy, Eric and Nikki discuss the dress for Summer. Brooke continues to recount her ordeal with Thomas telling Ridge that she would call CPS if she had to. Hope and Steffy continue to talk about their family issues. Ridge meets up with Thomas and tells him what Brooke said about calling CPS. Brooke tells Hope that she doesn’t think Douglas is safe with Thomas and Taylor tells Steffy about Brooke’s visit to Thomas. Deacon and Nikki meet at Il Gardino as disguised-Sheila eyes them. Watch ‘B&B’ weekdays on CBS!

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