Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor once again walks in on Steffy and Finn. Taylor uses the opportunity to confront Steffy and tells her about Brooke’s visit. Steffy is of the opinion that she did Ridge a huge favor. Brooke shows up Eric’s house and walks in on Thomas cutting an apple for Douglas. Douglas is happy to see Brooke and invites her bowling with them on the weekend, but Thomas says Brooke is too busy. As Douglas leaves, Brooke tells Thomas that they need to talk about Douglas going home. Brooke also takes the opportunity to confront him about being there when Steffy intercepted her call to Ridge. Ridge brings teddy bears for his grandkids who are out. Steffy suggests having another family dinner but he says he would have to consult with Brooke. Thomas and Brooke continue to disagree as she suggests that he and Steffy need to respect her marriage and let Douglas return home to Hope. Thomas taunts Brooke noting that all of her children left LA except Hope as if they wanted to stay far away from her. Steffy and Finn leave Ridge and Taylor to talk as he tells her he feels like he hasn’t been a good father to their children. Thomas tells Brooke that his parents are getting closer and it’s only a matter of time before they get back together. Watch ‘B&B’ weekdays on CBS!

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