Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke tells Taylor that enough is enough and that she will not allow Steffy to destroy her marriage. Paris questions Hope about what’s really going on between her and Steffy. Li runs into Bill at Il Gardino, who is very happy and pleased to see her. The two decide to have lunch together.

Parris offers to help but Hope tells her that it’s quite impossible for her to help just as Thomas walks in and Hope asks to talk to him. She asks him if he was aware of what Steffy did preventing her mom from speaking to Ridge. Taylor agrees to talk to Steffy on behalf of Brooke. Brooke reminds Taylor that she is the one Ridge chose and why they are called “destiny”. Bill asks about how Finn is doing. He highlights how happy he is to see Li out smiling again. Thomas tells Hope that he was right there when Steffy hung up the phone on Brooke. Brooke tells Taylor that she knows exactly what she is doing. Taylor eventually tells Brooke that Ridge is in love with them both. Watch ‘B&B’ weekdays on CBS!

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