Today, The Bold and the Beautiful, Bradley P. Bell and the gathered for a celebration in Honor of 30 Years of Sheila Carter! Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley P. Bell invites and the team gathered at Stage 31 for the first time since the pandemic to celebrate 30 years of Sheila Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful. There will also be a special stand-alone Halloween episode that will air on Monday, October 31, 2022 to honor Kimberlin and Sheila.

At the celebration, Brown said, “It’s something I definitely never expected and very much appreciates. I remember the first time I read for the part of Sheila Carter and I will never forget Ed Scott walking out into the room and looking at me and saying I want you to think Kathy Bates in misery. There is nothing wrong that you can do and there are no boundaries that you cannot push. To have that kind of freedom going into a reading full of producers, writers and directors was just an amazing moment.”

Brown went on to share, “Coming to Bold and the Beautiful. That was an incredible moment in my life. I literally got a call from your [Brad Bell’s] dad (William J. Bell] on set of Y&R saying I have written this character that I have come to love into a corner and I might have to kill your character off or send you away for a long time before I can bring you back again. He said ‘can anybody hear you?’ and I happened to be in the booth and I said yes and he said you cannot answer me but yes or no. He said ‘Well, Bold and the Beautiful is in Los Angeles. How would you feel about leaving Genoa City and traveling to LA? You would be Sheila on Bold and the Beautiful, would you be happy with that?’ And I said oh yes, very much so.”

She reflected on her first day on the show. “When I did that very first scene with Eric, John McCook’s character interviewing for the company nurse I knew my life was about to take a change and that it gave my character an opportunity to be something new, something that she hadn’t been before. I find that every single time I come back and play her, Brad, you give me credit for the expansion of this character and where she is and where she is going but I can’t do that without Brad. Brad has truly stepped into some enormous shoes and you fill them beautifully. I am so blessed to work with such a talented group of people. John, Kelly [Brooke], and now my son [Tanner Novlan aka Finn]. I can’t list everybody. It’s so neat to see the new generation coming up as well and to be a part of their storylines and to be parts of their lives in the way that everything is beautifully intermixed and entangled. I can’t wait to see where Sheila is going next. I think that I am finally at a point in my life where I have really found my happiness. I bring that to work. I am so happy coming to work and I hope that that shows because I get excited when I know that I am in that week because I never know what you’re giving me next and I really appreciate it.”

Watch the clips below courtesy of Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe).

Photo: Lesley Bohm/Instagram

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