The 2023 General Hospital Nurses Ball receives our first Standing Ovation.

The General Hospital Nurses Ball is a beloved tradition that goes back to 1994. It’s a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS awareness that holds special meaning for the people of Port Charles and the fans of General Hospital. It fell off for a while in the early 2000s due to budget cuts but was brought back in 2013 by then-new Executive Producer Frank Valentini. The annual tradition continued until a brief hiatus due to Covid, but it was brought back this year in spectacular fashion!

The Ball is the kickoff for the celebration of General Hospital’s 60th anniversary on the air and Valentini and Co. were determined to do it up right and they certainly went beyond all expectations. Romance, drama, and intrigue played out in the lead-up to the ball and continued while it went on. From the poignant dedication of the ball to head nurse Epiphany Johnson, played by Sonya Eddy who passed away last year, to the adorable magic show put on by Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) kids, the performances and speakers were a delight to watch. The performances included the fan-favorite Magic Wands all-male strip show and Nancy Lee Grahn’s (Alexis Davis) daughter, Kate Grahn, made a special musical appearance playing guitar for Chase (Josh Swickard) and Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) duet.

The background stories of Victor’s (Charles Shaughnessy) and Gladys’ (Bonnie Burroughs) plots and schemes as well as the stolen romantic moments for various pairings were perfectly interwoven throughout the ball. Making the real-life anniversaries of the show and Bobbie Zeman (Nurse Bobbie Spencer) part of the storyline added just the right touch and the flashbacks were a lovely reminder of why GH has been on the air for 60 years.

With all the soapy goodness and magic, it displayed, the 2023 General Hospital Nurses Ball deserves to be awarded our very first Standing Ovation. Well done to the entire cast and crew of General Hospital! Please enjoy our gallery of pictures from the 2023 Nurses Ball.

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  2. Young and the restless show need to leave Adam and Sally alone Sally do not need to be tie Nick they not even serious

  3. Young and the restless make a big and huge mistake putting Nick and Sally together break up a popular couple for this pair is this show for real now Sally do not need to be tie to that man they not even serious if anything she need to run in the opposite direction and free herself

  4. Young and the restless they need to leave Sally baby alone there is nothing wrong with the way it is exactly where it should be baby got parent who belong together they don’t need to change a thing it right where it should be and it should been a long time ago instead of a break up

  5. Young and the restless Nick and Sally don not jabs no chemistry or connection their connection is dried up like glue or paint and their chemistry boy my god stop the madness

  6. Young and the restless need to leave Ally alone they almost destroy their relationship last time why do every soap have to destroy these popular couples when they could get rating higher they could get everybody watching and tuning in get more rating they suppose to tune us in not tuning us off

  7. Young and the restless got me tuning in more and less on GH so they got my attention now once again I say how long will they keep it or can they keep it is the question I love the couple Adam and sally and it seem like most of everybody is on board too I say most not all most from what I see

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