The shocking news of Tyler Christopher’s sudden death has rocked the soap word to it’s very core. Scott Clifton recently wrote an emotional message on Instagram in reaction to losing his close friend.

Actors and fans alike have all taken to their favorite social media platforms to share their grief and memories over the Emmy winning actor. For days it has been hard to miss the reflections of deep loss. Likewise, timelines have been filled with Tyler’s best moments.

Scott Clifton co-starred on General Hospital with Tyler Christopher as Dillon Quartermaine from 2003-2007.

Clifton spoke to his immense respect for Tyler Christopher not only as an actor but as a father and human being. On the daily grind of soap production, Scott Clifton said, “We forget to take risks, to have fun, to make strong choices, and worse, we stop wanting to give it everything we have in us to give. But not Tyler. Not for a second, ever.”

“He loved his boys;” Clifton continued, “he loved his football… and fart jokes—which made it all the more paradoxical how exquisitely vulnerable he could be.”

Scott Clifton went on to lament that many only knew Tyler Christopher for his time on daytime television, “Many of his fans tragically only knew him as Nikolas Cassadine or Connor Bishop. But Tyler was a genuine character actor.”

On admiring the wealth of talent held by Tyler, “…he created characters that were wholly unique in their physicality, speech, and tone. I’d find myself wanting to mimic his performance in the days and weeks hence.”

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