Ron Carlivati (Head Writer, Days of our Lives) and husband, David Rogal’s newly renovated ranch in East Hampton was recently featured in Cottage and Gardens. The couple purchased two 1950s cottages, next door to each other, with an initial plan to enlarge the bigger house into the main house, preserving its Hampton ranch-house charm while also splashing in some modern flair, and using the smaller one as a guest space. However, as the renovation progressed the couple’s contractor, inspired by a new vision, pitched another idea. He encouraged and subsequently convinced his clients to take a new route, to “knock it down and start again” and build a home from scratch.

The contractor’s vision has been transformed into a delightful “ranch” reality or to quote Cottage and Gardens the couple’s new home is “stunning.” Rogal, an interior designer himself, goes on to say it is “a very personal space…super-relaxed and functional.” You can read the entire Cottage and Gardens article here as well as check out the pictures of Carlivati and Rogal’s beautifully renovated home! Gorgeous!

Photo: Joshua McHugh

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