Rhiannon Fish (“The 100,” “Journey of My Heart”) and Benjamin Hollingsworth (“Code Black,” “Virgin River”) find romance in “A Splash of Love,” a new, original movie premiering Sunday, July 30 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel.

Chloe (Fish) is halfway through her PhD program in marine mammalogy (the study of whales) at one of Miami’s top universities. She pulls long hours at the lab, but what she loves most is being out on the water with the majestic creatures. But given her competitive field, she doesn’t get that opportunity as much as she’d like. At the top of her class, she is considering applying for a highly sought-after scholarship that would fund the last two years of her doctorate. Dr. Andrea Ware (Madeleine Kelders “Love, Classified”) Chloe’s mentor, who encourages her to go beyond their local waters. Dr. Ware convinces her to expand her studies to cover whales in the Pacific Northwest, where she would gain more experience out in the field, and hopefully the confidence to apply for the scholarship. While there, Chloe meets a whale-watching tour guide (Hollingsworth) and they soon find themselves bonding over more than just Orcas.

“A Splash of Love” is a Johnson Production Group film. Timothy O. Johnson is the executive producer with his co-executive producer Juliana Wimbles along with supervising producer Oliver De Caigny. The movie is produced by Navid Soofi. Heather Hawthorn-Doyle directed from a story by Juliana Wimbles.

Photo: Hallmark

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