Shooting Star is a delightful throwback to the golden age of westerns. Writer and director, Michael Feifer, has checked all the boxes and more than delivered a film the whole family can enjoy!

Shot in black and white, the movie follows the story of Star, “whose little sister, Blaze, is injured in a horse-riding accident” so “she enters a shooting competition with the hopes of winning enough money to get Blaze the surgery she needs so she can walk again…but there are others in town who want the money too!”

The talented cast of Shooting Star are all amazing in their own rights and together, form the perfect ensemble. Drew Waters (True Detective, Bones) plays Dexter, the widower trying to raise two headstrong daughters in a world that’s not ready for their talents. He plays the role with just the right amount of tenderness and gruffness, and you find yourself rooting for love to triumph over fear for Dexter and Mary, played by Heather McComb (Ray Donovan, Prison Break). For her part, McComb perfectly captures the woman who loves Dexter and his children and wants to make a life-loving them as a wife and mother should. The love she has for them shines through in her unwavering support and understanding.

It is hard to believe that this is Brooklin Michelle’s first role! She is a fierce talent, and she fearlessly goes head-to-head with the veteran actors in the cast as the title character, Star. Lyana Ferrino (12 Pups of Christmas) plays her little sister, Blaze, charmingly while not overacting like so many child actors in her age group do. These two young actors are definitely ones to watch going forward!

Peter Sherayko (Tombstone, A Soldier’s Revenge) as Mayor Bigly and Michael Paré (Gone, The Virgin Suicides) as Sherrif Wiley are the quintessential bad guys! Their greed and corruption ooze out of them from the moments they both first appear even though their true dastardliness isn’t immediately apparent.

Jake Busey (Stranger Things, Starship Troopers) continues to prove he is more than just his father’s son, a true talent of his own, as he steps into the role of Mr. York, the city slicker sponsoring the competition and Caia Coley (Choosing Mathias, Gabe the Cupid Dog) is delightful as his charming sidekick and lady love Eloise.

Will Roberts (Studio City, Lucifer) who plays James Arthur Coley, one of the many other contestants vying for the prize, stands out while showing off some of the gun spinning skills that put him in the Guinness Book of World Records. His perfect mix of cocky and charming will leave a smile on your face.

Jay Picket (Port Charles, Soda Springs) who plays Walt, Tim Abel (Sons of Anarchy, We Were Soldiers) who plays Monty, and Robert Craighead (Ruthless, New Girl) as Dr. Billing all deliver solid performances as does the rest of the cast. You will truly be transported back in time as you watch the story unfold and you find yourself not wanting it to end.

Trick riding and shooting, exciting horseback chases, timeless landscapes, a beautiful love story between a widower trying to do right by his children and the woman who loves them like they are her own, sisters bonded as tight as can be, a crooked mayor, a dastardly sheriff, and a competition with a life-changing prize! What more could any fan of the classic westerns ask for in a movie? Shooting Star delivers all this and more! Check it out today on Vimeo! You can rent the movie here:

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