General Hospital’s Bonnie Burroughs is our Performer of the Week!

Usually, Performer of the Week honors go to an actor who has had incredibly dramatic scenes and lots of focus for that week but sometimes it’s a more subtle, different type of performance that really blows me away. That was the case this week with General Hospital’s Bonnie Burroughs who plays Gladys Corbin. She wasn’t a lead and hers wasn’t the main story, but it was wonderful soapy fun and she nailed it.

For months Gladys has been digging herself a hole by abusing her position as Sasha’s (Sofia Mattson) guardian and funding her gambling habit with the money that she controls but isn’t hers. Cody’s (Josh Kelly) been on to her for a while now but has been encouraging her to come clean to Sasha on her own while also encouraging Sasha to be careful in her dealings with her late husband’s mother. Gladys is desperate to drive a wedge between these two and this week came up with the perfect plan to do it.

Cody has his own shady past and she used that to frame him for stealing a very expensive diamond bracelet that Sasha had arranged for her to be able to wear for the Nurses Ball. She planted the bracelet and seeds of doubt around Cody, and he was arrested and charged with the crime. Bonnie played every second of this amazingly and even though you want to strangle Gladys you have to admire how convincing she was in her scheme. We know she’s lying because we saw it all play out, but Gladys hasn’t slipped a bit and that is the beauty in Burroughs’ performance. The convincing victim act, the over-the-top concern for Sasha’s wellbeing that we know she does have but isn’t her driving force, the smirk lingering just below her expression when she looks at Cody and knows she’s bested him, at least for now. We can’t fault Sasha or the PCPD for falling for it and that’s all due to Burrough’s acting choices. Those choices were flawless and that is why we are naming Bonnie Burroughs our Performer of the Week. Congratulations Bonnie!