One Life to Live alums Melissa Archer (ex-Natalie Buchanan, ex-Serena Mason/Days of Our Lives) and Jessica Morris (ex-Jennifer Rappaport) teamed up to co-write the new thriller, romance, movie, Betrayed by My Bridesmaid!

In the film, Katie (Ashley Dakin) and Tom (Steven He) are full of excitement as they plan their dream wedding with Katie’s best friend and maid of honor, Amanda (Shana Goodman), right there helping to plan the special day. Connie (Meghan Perry), Katie’s troubled sister, is released from rehab just in time for the wedding and to Katie’s surprise, Connie seems more stable than ever. Then things begin to go haywire and begin to unravel and Connie is deemed as the obvious culprit. 

But things and people are hardly ever what they appear to be, so who is really betraying Katie? Can she find out the truth before it is too late?

Betrayed by My Bridesmaid premiered on Lifetime Movie Club on October 7, 2022!

Photo: JPI/Jill Johnson