Morris Chestnut is set to guest star in the role of A.D. Barnes, the athletic director for GAU on All American according to Tv Guide. The exclusive report reveals that Chestnut will guest star in the episode titled Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down which is scheduled to air on November 21.

In this episode, Spencer (Daniel Ezra) and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) are left scrambling to help secure new recruits to the GAU team after Coach Garrett’s (Sean Carrigan) bombshell announcement that he’ll be retiring immediately. Undoubtedly tipped off about Olivia’s (Samantha Logan) article accusing him of using GAU players to purposefully injure members of opposing teams, Coach Garrett is getting out of harm’s way, leaving Olivia unsure what to do about her unpublished article. 

Chestnut is known for The Resident, Rosewood, Our Kind of People, Legends, American Horror Story and more.

Photo: Diondre Jones/Fox

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