Marci Miller is nominated as a lead actress for this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards for her role as Abigail Deveraux DiMera on Days of Our Lives. She recently exited the show onscreen. Her decision to leave was not an easy one. In an interview with Soap Opera News’ Angela Ryan-Duncan, Miller shared, “I just had a really hard time with the decision honestly. I mean, there are a variety of opinions about how to handle this. I knew I couldn’t stick around and be on contract. I knew that. I have no idea what Kate’s (Mansi) schedule looked like or anything but I honestly thought that they would recast and should recast, that was my opinion. I felt like they should have recast the character with a woman who was going to be able to stick around for a good amount of time to continue to tell that story. I was floored.

While her time at Days may have ended she shared that fans can see her in a new film coming soon. “I just shot a film, an action-comedy called Gimme My Money. It was great. I got to play this sort of Terminator, action figure type of thing and I’m one of this crazy gaggle of characters. It was one of the favorite filming experiences I’ve ever had. I think they’re taking it to Cannes this year to try to sell it and I think it will sell and we’ll be somewhere eventually. I’m very excited about that coming out.”

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